What They’re Saying

Here are what other professionals are saying about Elke. Talk with her; she is a business partner, you’ll see it immediately. Her company’s focus is accelerating your company’s growth. She brings the right mix of  critical success factors to her clients: a result-focused  approach; high emotional intelligence and empathy; deep industry experience; and a vibrant network of relationships. A mix like that is easy to talk about but often hard to find.

Best-selling author, “The Coaching Revolution” and “Tribal Leadership”

Elke looks for the gold in people and is interested in getting the best possible performance out of them. As a result, Elke has extraordinary skills in the areas of mentoring and career development. She also has developed high level strategic planning skills, shares her knowledge, pulls for the success of those she works with, and goes the extra mile in tending to the many tactical details of projects.

Elke has proven herself over and over as an efficient manager of people, and effective leader of groups and business units.

I highly recommend Elke as someone who is intelligent, who get’s the drift and has a clue, and is a delight to work with. And, that’s a big deal.

JOHN KING Rogue Scholar | Culture Architect

I had the pleasure of working with Elke in several capacities at CBRE. We both served on the CBRE Women’s Network Advisory board where she was instrumental in launching the company’s mentoring program for women in the business. We also served on the Americas Marketing team and developed the first national Property Marketing Center. Elke has the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. She is hardworking, knowledgeable and a true leader. Her expertise ranges from human resources to operations to marketing to management – a very well rounded skill set!

JENA (HOLLENSTEINER) ARMISTEAD Former Vice President of Marketing for The Americas, CBRE

Dedication, common sense, ethics and insight are a few of the many given traits that Elke possess. I was always impressed with her commitment to NAI Partners, as well as NAI Global. Along with the many charities that she supports, exceeds the common standard of excellence. I have the utmost respect for her business acumen and leadership abilities. I highly recommend her involvement in any organization.

RACHEL HOWITT President/CFO NAI Capital, Inc.

Elke is a compelling persuader that initiates positive changes in the environments within which she works. She has the ability to understand each situation as unique, distill the facts down to the core essence and provide solutions that moves each group forward. It has been my pleasure working with her for over 10 years.

GREGORY STEBBINS, Ed.D. Founder & Master Coach - PeopleSavvy

I met Elke while she served as adjunct professor at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. She was a life-changing inspiration. Her class was engaging, challenging and sparked my initial interest in sales. Despite my doubts, Elke encouraged me to stretch past my comfort zone, testing my very own limits. Under her continued mentorship, I graduated from the University of Houston after completing the Sales Excellence Program. Elke is one of a kind to say the least. I have grown to admire her as a professional, an educator and an incredible speaker.

TAMMY CHEVIS HUGHES Business Development Manager - Mid Market Americas

Elke was a critical partner for our transformation from an operating to a strategic board of directors. She listened, assessed, and prepared thoroughly to ensure she understood the goals of our organization. Elke fostered inclusion by making sure that every voice was heard, and no stone was left unturned such that we ended up with a clear roadmap to success. After our meetings, Elke stayed engaged, consistently following-up so that we were accountable for execution. I highly recommend Elke as a strategic partner!

LaSHAWN BATES Senior Vice President | Market Operations – Florida, JLL
2021 CREW Tampa Bay President

In 2020, while I was President of the CREW Houston Chapter, Elke served as a Board Director. She is a vibrant and compassionate leader, so I wanted to tap Elke’s talents for the chapter. I engaged her to facilitate a Leadership Development Workshop for our inaugural Mentoring and Leadership Class. Elke customized a program utilizing the behavioral sciences, helping the group understand their strengths and communication style and how to best use them for success. The feedback I received was outstanding. Elke is engaging, focused, and insightful. She is passionate about helping women achieve their maximum potential. I highly recommend Elke, for she added tremendous value to CREW Houston.

Kristy Simonette Senior Vice President | Strategic Services & Chief Information Officer
Camden Property Trust 2020 CREW Houston President