Our Services

At Laughlin Consulting Group, our focus is working with leadership teams, sales teams, and various industry leaders to develop sound business strategies to enhance sustainable growth and to help identify areas of opportunity. Additionally, as a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst, Elke is well versed in the science-based behavioral tool to help businesses and individuals grow and prosper.

Change Management

Change Management is a structured approach to ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.

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Organizational Capital

Organizational Capital is the element that constitute the capital of the firm, namely its culture, structure, organizational learning, and can be a source of competitive advantage.

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Human Capital

Human Capital is the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals used to create value for the individual, their employer, or their community.

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TTI Success Insights Tools

At TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS, we believe everyone has UNIQUE TALENTS + SKILLS; we exist to REVEAL + HARNESS this talent using the SCIENCE OF SELF®.

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We work with individuals and teams, as well as sales and marketing teams to identify behavioral styles to:

  • Educate end users to the sources and causes of culture harming issues
  • Identify hidden sources of conflict
  • Share insights for people data to improve engagement
  • Increase efficiency, communication and the effectiveness of conflict resolution

Laughlin Consulting Group is a Value Added Associate for TTI Success Insights®. We customize our approach by blending four predictive sciences with our sales expertise to reveal human potential. We use the assessment data to identify the deficit origin, and implement training and development programs that are deployed in a curriculum designed around the collected data.